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A Reach Truck operator’s role combines physical prowess with sharp attention to detail. You could manage material records depending on the industry. Our course will shape you into a competent Reach Truck operator – merging strength with accuracy. Come, transform with us!

Duration: 1 Month

Eligibility Age: 18 Years

License: Govt License to Operate Forklift.

Job opportunities in Warehouses like Amazon, Flipkart…

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Discover the world of Reach Truck

What is a Reach Truck?

Say hello to the Reach Truck – the high-rise specialist in the world of warehouse operations.

Sleek, agile, and equipped with a unique ‘reach’ mechanism, this power-player extends its forks to place and retrieve loads from towering heights with ease.

Designed for compactness and manoeuvrability, the Reach Truck makes navigating narrow aisles look like a walk in the park.

Why is it Used?

Think of an item tucked away on the topmost shelf of a warehouse – almost inaccessible, right? Well, not with the Reach Truck. This vehicle is used for its incredible capability to ‘reach’ out and pick up loads from places most other machines can’t.

The reason for its popularity? Simple: it amplifies storage space by enabling high-rise stacking, enhancing productivity in the process.

Where is it Used?

Warehouses are the Reach Truck’s playground – particularly those of e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart.

Given their need to store vast quantities of diverse products, these companies trust Reach Trucks for their unrivalled efficiency in space utilization. So, when you order your next package, remember, it’s likely a Reach Truck that played a key role in its journey!

It’s Special Purposes

Besides its excellent reach and height, a Reach Truck has a few more tricks up its sleeve. Its tilting carriage helps minimize the risk of load spillage, enhancing safety.

Plus, it can operate even in extremely cold temperatures, making it a go-to choice for frozen food warehouses. Imagine being equipped to work in diverse conditions – that’s the Reach Truck for you!

Placement Opportunities

A qualified Reach Truck operator can find a niche in any organization with a storage function. Naturally, e-commerce is a hot sector, but opportunities abound in retail, manufacturing, and logistics too.

With our certification, you could be steering your career path towards an exciting role in these industry-leading companies.

Salary Abroad and Local

A Reach Truck operator’s salary is attractive both locally and abroad. In India, you’ll find competitive packages aligned with your skill set.

For those eyeing international opportunities, countries like Canada, USA, and Australia offer enticing pay structures for qualified operators. It’s a skill that could literally take you places!

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